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alex southam's and alt-j's tesselate deserves best art direction. my eyeballs thank you alex southam.


so usually it's pinterest fails for me.

not any more! i'm on a lucky streak. those beautiful recipes you spend all day pinning and then go out for burritos, have been made and are delicious. like a test kitchen. i'm a pinterest test kitchen...
it sounds way less exciting and way more lame when you say it out loud or type it in your blog.

anyways.... delicious.. do it. make it. eat it. faster. stronger.

oh she glows hydrating thai style cucumber salad with roasted spice chick peas.
even my toddler ate this. so good, especially since our days feel like we spend them on the surface of the sun.

red lentil and carrot soup. this was so good. so good there was none left over for lunch today.

the bbq cauliflower salad was peculiar though delicious. we all enjoyed the unexpected taste. another win with the toddler man as long as i kept all the ingredients separate. i can't wait to try more of fork and beans stuff. everything looks perfect.

the tried and true martha stewart and the one pot pasta... i looooooooved this. so did the rest of the fam. i will do less oil next time and try some different summer veggies and more basil.

now the first mess had this recipe for spaghetti squash noodle bowl which was tasty. but my spaghetti squash turned to mush so not really noodle like at all. just mush. delicious mush.

the cookin' canuck deserves a damn medal for these meatballs. ole'-picky-pants-none-eater (also known as my son) devoured these.

no surprise here that the sprouted kitchen murdered it with this black bean goat cheese enchilada. it takes forever but it is worth it. especially if someone else cleans up. 


Patterns - "Sunny Days" (Official Video)

since i live at the beach during summer this is a pretty realistic portrayal of my days now.



you are about to enter a trance. a bird trance.
until your toddler walks in the room and screams "Birdies fly!" "fly!" "fly!" "fly!"
"can i have juice?"

and if you don't have a toddler...
can i watch this at your house?

    A bird ballet from Neels CASTILLON on Vimeo.

the accidental bird ballet was created by the super talented Neels Castillon


my friend emily is one of those real pretty preggos.

i did my friend emily's maternity photos months ago and forgot to share. look at this babe with babe.